Visit interesting sightseeing spots in Osaka! Recommended downtown Osaka for each area

There are many interesting tourist spots in Osaka. Introducing recommended spots in the downtown areas of Namba, Umeda, Tennoji, and New World.

Osaka downtown numba

In Namba, Dotonbori and Namba are popular spots. If you are going to go sightseeing in Osaka, you must never go out of Namba.


Dotonbori is the number one tourist destination in Japan. This is Japan’s largest downtown area. The location is very convenient because it is very accessible from the subway and train.

The Tonkotsu Ramen Ichiran, where foreign visitors can queue, and the okonomiyaki restaurant Senbo, are lined up with popular Japanese gourmet foods.

There are many shopping spots such as Matsukiyo, Bic Camera and UNIQLO. You can buy Japanese electrical appliances, medicines, and cosmetics.

There are many shooting spots, such as royal signs and landmark glyco signs in Dotonbori, where even bigger crabs are characteristic.

You can also enjoy Manzai, a Japanese culture, so Dotonbori is a must if you go to Osaka.


If it’s good, a deep spot that the Osaka people don’t know much is recommended.

Ura-Namba refers to a barbecue district that has been filling in a barn for a thousand days. You can enjoy inexpensive and delicious food.

There are a variety of genres, from retro taverns to stylish Italian. You can also enjoy ethnic and Singaporean food, so it’s also recommended when you get tired of Japanese food.

In the Ura-Namba, there is Misono, the birthplace of Osaka’s entertainment. Taste Garden is a Japanese subculture and underground culture with a 60-year history. It’s also the setting for Japanese films.

At Season, you can enjoy shows such as patrons, kimonos, writing performances, and the dancing of Japanese cedar. In addition, you can experience Japanese culture, such as ninja experience, kimono experience, and Japanese confectionery festival. If you are visiting Japan, it is a spot I would like to go.

Ame Mura

“America Mura” (“Mura” means “Village” in Japanese)in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. It is known as an “American village” and is used by young people and tourists in Japan. The streets of Osaka are lined with fashionable shops, where you can feel the culture of second hand clothing and music.

The landmark is a triangle-shaped park called a triangle park. There are some famous restaurants with takoyaki, such as “Koga” and “Takoyaki-no-jo,” and they can be compared with Japanese Seoul Food.

There are sophisticated select shops such as Flying Tiger Copenhagen, the first Nordic general store to land in Asia, and HUF OSAKA””SOPH.OSAKA, the street brand. If you like clothes and skateboarding, you should watch it!

“America Mura” has plenty of nightclubs, and you can enjoy Japanese nights as well.

Need a help? Dotonbori Ticket Center

A guide is stationed at the Dotonbori Ticket Center at the bar. If you don’t understand Japanese or want to enjoy Osaka more, why not use the Dotonbori Ticket Center?

You can enjoy drinking and be guided around Osaka by a friendly guide.
There is also a privilege that once you decide which facilities you would like to visit, you can buy the entrance ticket at a bargain price.

Osaka downtown Umeda

Umeda is more urban and sophisticated downtown than other areas. You can enjoy everything from shopping to night scenery such as Grand Front Osaka, Lukua 1120, and Umeda Sky Building.

Sophisticated facilities grand front Osaka

Large-scale commercial complex adjacent to JR Osaka.
A total of 266 stores, including shopping and gourmet, are occupied by tenants. Exhibitions and events are also held, and this is a comprehensive facility that adults can also enjoy.

There are a variety of popular Hawaiian restaurants such as Banan, Ronhaman, popular fashion brand, and MUJI, so it’s recommended for those who want to enjoy shopping.

Lucua 1100 Popular among young people

LUCUA osaka Station and LUCUA 1100 Station, which are directly linked to JR Osaka Station, are popular facilities for young people.

Lukua 1100 has Tsutaya Shoten.  There are about 500 seats available. With Starbucks coffee in hand, you can relax and read books and magazines. Recommended for resting your tired body.

The food court “Bar basement” in the underground shopping mall is lined with restaurants with a wide variety of restaurants. This is the perfect place to take a break when you are tired from the bustle.

Umeda Sky Building

The 170m observatory is open and you can enjoy the view of 360 degrees and skyscrapers. On sunny days, you can see Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture.

The lift-up method was adopted for the first time in the world, and THE TIMES was selected as the “World’s Architectural TOP20.” Taj Mahal and Sakurada Familia are also ranked in the same ranking. As an exciting building, it is visited by many foreign tourists and architects.

A 360-degree panorama and a brilliant light full of the ground. The Mille Sky Walk in the rooftop corridor depicts the Mill Sky Walk with photovoltaic stones of the Milky Way and Aurora Milky Way. You can spend a sophisticated and romantic time.

You will definitely be able to enjoy the scenery that you will never forget.

[Umeda Sky Building]
Opening hours: 9:30-22:30 (final entrance: 22:00)
Entrance fee : 1,500 yen for adults, 4 years old to elementary school students : 700 yen

 Osaka “Shin-Sekai”

A true downtown area in Osaka is called “Shin Sekai”.Its’s mean “New World” .  In the “Shin-Sekai”, a tower called Tsutenkaku is a landmark. The golden symbol character “Billiken” is famous.

The observatories with different themes, such as the “Observatory of Light” and the “Observatory of Golden,” are distinctive.

Tenpo Paradise, a special outdoor observation deck located at the top of Tsutenkaku, is 94.5m on the ground and has a vision corridor diameter.
8.5 m。 You can see the night view in a special space that you can’t normally enter.


Opening hours: 8:30 to 21:30 (non-holiday throughout the year)
Fee : 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for junior high school students and over 5 years old

In the Shin-Sekai area, there is Jean-Jan Yokocho, lined with Osaka’s B-class gourmet. Especially popular is a skewered cutlet shop, where a large number of “skewered cutlets” made from pork are skewered, enabling us to enjoy the old-fashioned Japanese style. The sauce of inexpensive and delicious kushikatsu is forbidden again. The local rules are also very tasty.

Osaka downtown Tennoji

There are a lot of shopping facilities in Tennoji, Osaka. It’s an area where you can enjoy a day just by shopping.

Abeno Harukas
A hulka of a shopping mall of an ultra-high-rise building 300 meters above the ground. We have everything from gourmet to miscellaneous goods. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the observation deck.

SHIBYA109 Cuse Mall
There are plenty of food courts, grocery stores, and fashion shops. It’s directly connected to Tennoji Station and has an outstanding access.

Tennoji MIO
A commercial facility with plenty of gourmet foods. It is equipped with a diaper change and a nursing room, so it is safe to bring your children.

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It is very difficult to travel by train through popular tourist sites such as Namba, Umeda, and Osaka Castle Park in Osaka. If you are going to visit Osaka efficiently and happily, leave it to Osaka Wonder Loop.