Special issue! Osaka food tour

Osaka is a city full of gourmet. Walking through the bustling streets, tourists are attracted by the scent of the signboards scattered all over the place and tickling the nose. This time, we will introduce the standard gourmet and recommended restaurants that are loved by the people of Osaka! Please use it as a reference for sightseeing.

Osaka gourmet around Dotonbori

First, I will introduce the recommended gourmet in Dotonbori, a downtown area in Chuo-ku, Osaka.


Takoyaki is a dish made by beating wheat flour with eggs and water, and then broiling it so that it becomes a spherical body.
There is a cut octopus inside.

In order to cook takoyaki, we use an iron plate with multiple rounds of hollows, but we would like you to take a look at how the yaketakoyaki is rolled up with a skewer.

“Our recommended restaurant is “”Koka-ryu Takoyaki”” (Koga style Takoyaki).”

This is a takeout specialty store located in the immediate vicinity of the triangular park in the village of the United States.

“The classic menu, “”Royal Road Sossmayo”” is 400 yen per 10, and we also recommend “”Revolution Negipon”” with plenty of green onions.”

Next, the Kukuru version of the takoyaki, which once had the best takoyaki in Japan, is sold.

This is 790 yen with large octopus.

Try the best flavor in Japan.

If you want to try making your own takoyaki, extend a little further from Dotonbori to Umeda.

If you’re at the Toru Kakuda Store, you can take on the challenge of making Takoyaki from ¥640.

551 Horai

The 551 Horai restaurant, which has a 74-year history since its founding, has long been loved by TV commercials in Osaka.

The most popular dish is tonman, which is a sweet bean paste made from a dough like steamed bread mixed with minced pork and minced onions, and is fluffy and steamed.

You can buy 2 items for 380 yen, and it’s very reasonable, so it’s also recommended for couples to visit.

There is also a restaurant where you can sit down and enjoy exquisite Chinese food here.

Please stop by for the Dotonbori Tourism Night.

Osaka Zuboraya

If you walk Dotonbori, you will see a large pufferfish sign that is not too much of an exaggeration to say.

This is a fugu restaurant that offers fugu dishes called zuroya, and you can enjoy a variety of dishes, such as pots and sushi, and fugu sashimi, which you cannot eat overseas.

“Tessa” is a kind of gourmet dish that looks beautiful, with sliced pufferfish sashimi that is translucent and thin.

By the way, pufferfish is famous as a poisonous fish.

Perhaps there are many people who are reluctant to eat it?

However, please rest assured.

In Japan, a special cook license is required to cook pufferfish.

Of course, the cooks of “Zubora-ya” also have this license, so they can eat with peace of mind.

 Hozenji Yokocho

Located just off Dotonbori, Hozenji Yokocho is also a popular tourist destination.

There are a lot of beautiful gourmets, such as Takoyaki, which we introduced earlier, as well as “Kushi-katsu” (which we will discuss in detail later), which is a standard gourmet in Osaka.

There are many high-class Japanese restaurants where craftsmen put their skills to their cooking, and it is also recommended for a little rich trip around Dotonbori.

Osaka gourmet around Umekita

Next, let’s look for Osaka gourmet in Umeda, the central city of Kita Ward, Osaka City.


Okonomiyaki is a dish in which yam is added to a dough mixed with flour, eggs and water, and plenty of cabbage, red ginger, pork and seafood are mixed and grilled on an iron plate.

The finishing process is topped with sauce and mayonnaise, and topped with a bonito fragrance from the ocean.

Located about three minutes on foot from Umeda Station, Kiji is an okonomiyaki shop with a constant line of people.

However, the turning rate is good, so even if you’re in a queue, you’ll be able to enter the store faster than you’d expected.

Enjoy green onions at Hirokazuya.

I wrote earlier that Okonomiyaki contains plenty of cabbage, but the onion yaki changes into onion.

Please enjoy the sweet taste of green onions.

If you eat a taste-yaki with “Hana-no-taki,” the luxurious “Gorgeous-yaki” on pork to the seafood will be recommended! You will not feel the luxurious taste of a high volume and rich taste, and you will be able to breathe.

Grilled squid

For squid baking, dissolve the flour in water and sprinkle squid on the dough that has been cut flatly over the iron plate.

When the dough is baked moderately, break the egg next to it, put the dough on it, and after it is baked, pour the source over it and it is finished.

If you’re going to eat squid in Umeda, go to the first basement level of the Hanshin Department Store.

The baked squid is quickly baked in a glass shop, so you can enjoy the hot flavor.

Many Osaka gourmet people might soon realize that flour, water and eggs are coming out well. If you think that all of them will be similar or tasty, that’s a mistake.

Differences in ingredients and ways of baking have created their own unique tastes.

Other gourmet dishes in Osaka

Osaka Gourmet! I’m going to see a twin gourmet.

Tenjinbashi Shopping District

The Tenjinbashi Shopping District is the longest shopping district in Japan.

There is an arcade, so you can enjoy sightseeing in Osaka comfortably even on rainy days.

The shopping district is lined with gourmet dishes, as well as takoyaki, which I introduced earlier, as well as takoyaki, which includes crispy croquettes and taiyaki with plenty of red bean paste.

It’s perfect for taking a leisurely stroll around Osaka while eating something you’re curious about.

“The shrine is directly connected to the “”Osaka Tenmangu Shrine””, which is popular among the citizens as a shrine where the god of learning is enshrined, so why not stop by and visit if you like?”


Shin-Sekai is a downtown area in Naniwa , Osaka City.

At night, the neon is all over the bustling place, and here is Osaka’s symbolic tower, Tsutenkaku.

The new world’s gourmet is a “skewered cutlet.”

Kushi-katsu is a bite-sized dish of beef, pork, chicken meat, seafood, and vegetables, which is then put on a skewer and fried. In the New World, there are many skewered cutlets.

You need to be careful when eating Kushi-katsu.

When you enter a Kushi-katsu restaurant, each table has a case with sauce, but it is decided that you only pickle the Kushi-katsu once before you put your mouth on the Kushi-katsu.

Because it is a source used by all customers, there are rules like this to protect hygiene.

Osaka’s standard drink

Until now, I’ve only talked about food, so next time I’ll introduce a drink I’d like to drink in Osaka!

Osaka mixed juice

Mixed juice is a drink made from bananas, mandarins, peaches and other fruits mixed with milk.

The creamy throat of the sweet milk, thickened with fruit, will be captivated once drunk.

If you want to drink a delicious mix of juice, please go to Sensei-ya Coffee, which is called the originating shop.

Ice is also added to the mixer, so you can enjoy a chill feel like a shake.
It’s also close to the new world I introduced earlier, so why not stop by after eating a skewered pork cutlet?

“If you want to drink mixed juice together with your sightseeing, we recommend the “”Hanshin Umeda Station Juice Stand”” in Umeda.”

Be careful not to spill when you receive the mix juice that has been poured into the brim of the cup!

If you’re worried about Osaka’s gourmet food, buy this!

A city in Osaka where you can discover a lot of gourmet foods.
There may be a lot of people who have read this far and have lost interest in what to eat.

Finally, we will introduce the “Osaka Gourmet Walk” that you will definitely enjoy when you want to enjoy Osaka gourmet!

“The “”Osaka Gourmet Walk”” is a 8-sheet ticket you can use to enjoy your food in Osaka.”

The shop listed on the Osaka Gourmet Walk website (gourmet-walk.com) is convenient for you to use anywhere.

How about checking the schedule for sightseeing in Osaka while deciding what kind of restaurant is on it?

There are a wide range of glume genres, including takoyaki, okonomiyaki, tempura in sushi, and sweets. Shops are not listed in the guidebook! The website is here → http://gourmet-walk.com/


Osaka is very bustling and energetic, and is a city full of many gourmet restaurants.

If you are hesitant about which one to eat, I would be very happy if this article could be used as a reference.

The classic takoyaki and 551 Horai are perfect for eating.

If you want to sit down and enjoy the flavor of the food, we also recommend okonomiyaki and kushikatsu.

If you’re thirsty, you can have mixed juice or milk shake.

Use the Osaka Gourmet Walk conveniently to make sure you enjoy sightseeing in Osaka!